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Arber Grove Publishing, 2273
This work is licensed under The Commons 8.2 License.

Produced with support from:
The CAN-AM PCG Centre for Environmental Land Consideration, CAN-AM PCG Book Fund, CAN-AM PCG Bidding & Auction: Western Division (Salvage Dept.), and Island Valley Anti-Extinction Agrarian Society

Earth Containers: Speculative Structures for Ecological Support (Pocket Edition 2272/73)

Fisher Harbour and Ellen Gunn
48 pages

"Earth Containers: Speculative Structures for Ecological Support" is the first printed collection of drawings by CAN-West salvager and illustrator Fisher Harbour. Each drawing is a simple design, repurposing salvaged materials for agri-forestry, ecological restoration, and environmental stabilization. Full of containers, canopies, lattices, and shelters, each illustration acts as a prompt for taking care of plants and other creatures in our time of collapse and uncertainty. The book is introduced by and edited by geologist Ellen Gunn.

Digital copy - 5 Credits (CAC)
Ships anywhere
  • PDF

Physical copy - 9.5 Credits (CAC) Limited to CAN-AM PCG (formerly known as “Canada”) and US addresses
  • Transparent cover for protecting your booklet from the elements.
  • Measures ~1 pace tall by 3/4 pace wide (or 5x4 traditional inches)

 Digital and physical bundle - 13.5 Credits (CAC) Limited to CAN-AM PCG (formerly known as “Canada”) and US addresses
  • Details listed above